Framing the Final Look: BROWS

Every picture perfect look emphasizes the windows to the soul – your eyes. Whether you’re dreaming of a natural romantic look, a dramatic smoky eye or a clean cut-crease, there’s a beauty routine that will heighten your wedding day glow in a way you never thought possible.

“She has a fire in her soul and a killer pair of brows” – Unknown

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Eyebrow maintenance is an aspect of planning your wedding that will also benefit your everyday beauty routine, from engagement to post-honeymoon. The right shape will polish any look and make your eyes appear wide and open.

We recommend starting a brow shaping routine upon engagement, giving yourself plenty of time to find an artist you love. Brows should be shaped every 4-6 weeks, and you should leave each appointment feeling refreshed and confident. Schedule your final shaping 7-10 days before your wedding to avoid messy brows for your makeup artist to shape, as well as any redness in person or photos.

PRO TIP: This is important…don’t be afraid to switch artists if you’re not happy with the results! The right artist will listen to your desired outcome and make recommendations to achieve this look.

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“Having the right brow shape can literally lift up your whole face.” -Oprah Winfrey

Every beauty artist views their bride as a masterpiece. The face is the canvas, eyes are the picture, and brows are the frame. A well shaped brow will result in the look of your dreams!

There are many small details to work out along the journey of planning a wedding. Let your self-confidence be one of those details. Empower yourself by stepping up your look. And never underestimate the power of the right brow shape!