5 Wedding Day Beauty Essentials

We’ve compiled the most important tips to make your wedding day beauty preparation blissfully stress-free. It is crucial to follow the requirements of your Beauty Artist in order to get the most out of your hair and makeup services. Every Beauty Artist is different and they all have their preferences. Following their advice allows them to perform at their best, and that’s exactly what you want on your wedding day!

Bridal Soft Curls and Natural Makeup Eureka Springs Northwest Arkansas

Updos, 1/2 up or thermal styles – Arrive with CLEAN, DRY hair without any products applied. Its a good idea to wash your hair the night before and let it air dry. This cuts down on frizz and gives you more time to relax on your wedding day.
Blowout – Arrive with CLEAN, DAMP hair without any products applied.

PRO TIP: Don’t rely on the hotel to have professional quality shampoo and conditioner. Bring your own products that are already a part of your beauty routine.

Bridal Hair Down Volume with Natural Makeup and Glowing Skin Eureka Springs Northwest Arkansas

Arrive with CLEAN, MOISTURIZED skin. Avoid the use of any sunscreens as they can cause flashback in your photos. Apply a moisturizing lip balm and stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water.

PRO TIP: Do not apply any primers or tighteners before your makeup service. They can cause makeup to cake and crack. Your Beauty Artist will analyze your skin and apply products they trust to ensure your makeup lasts all day and night.

Bride and Bridesmaids Short Hair Updos and Floral Robes Eureka Springs Northwest Arkansas

Wear something you are comfortable in that doesn’t need to go over your head. We recommend a button up shirt or a robe. Think about your bottom half too. You may be sitting for a couple of hours and you do not want to be distracted by tight or ill-fitting garments.

PRO TIP: Avoid hoodies as they will cause the hair to lay unnaturally as it is being styled.

A picture is worth a thousand words! Be prepared to show your Beauty Artist inspiration photos of your hair and makeup vision. This is especially important for bridal party members and/or brides that did not have a hair and makeup trial. Remember to choose celebrities and models that have a similar hair type and skin tone to yours.

PRO TIP: In addition to hair type and skin tone, pay attention to hair color and choose something similar to your own. A very detailed updo or braid looks amazing on lighter colored dimensional hair but does not translate well to dark hair. If you are concerned about the style you’ve chosen be sure to schedule a trial appointment.

Arrive for your appointments on time whether in salon or on-site.  It can get hectic the day of and it’s important to be sure that everyone knows where they are supposed to be and when. Keeping the schedule running smoothly ensures that everyone’s beauty needs are met.

PRO TIP: Keep your cell phone use to a minimum while your services are being performed. Looking down at your screen or holding your phone to your ear causes the hair to fall in an unnatural manner and makes it difficult for your Beauty Artist to work. Plus, being present makes for a much more memorable day!